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Yes, its true

It might look like just another energy drink on the market but we invite you to take a closer look and discover the TRUE natural powers that will give you a new perspective of how a TRUE energy drink should be!

What is TRUE BCAA?

Is it an energy drink?
Is it a protein drink?
Is it a vitamin water?
Is it a soda?
The answer to your questions is yes to all of the above.

TRUE BCAA is however nothing like you have ever experienced before and will definitely change the way you look at the ordinary functional drinks that you are used to. The TRUE BCAA series comes both with and without caffeine and is a sugar free and lightly carbonated refreshing drink loaded with all the nutrients that you need (vitamins B5, B6, B12 and niacin) to get the best results from your training as well as the right fuel to pick your energy level back up to a TRUE-level.

What is BCAA?

BCAA stands for Branched Chained Amino Acids and is made up of 3 amino acids (leucin, valine, isoleucin). Amino acids are the building blocks for protein, which help build and maintain muscle mass. Each TRUE BCAA contains 3 300 mg of BCAA (2:1:1)

Go green with natural caffeine

In each TRUE BCAA +Caffeine you get a whopping 200 mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans, equivalent to 2 cups of coffee.

Hasta la vista Sugar!

Sick & tired of energy drinks packed with sugar? So are we!
That is why we proudly can say that all TRUE BCAA products are sugar free.

TRUE natural flavors & vegetable based colors

Most functional drinks have very exciting flavors labeled on the can but unfortunately too few have actually the same natural flavors inside the can. With TRUE BCAA you can rest assure that we only use natural flavors and vegetable based colors in our products.

Vitamins & Minerals?

In each TRUE BCAA you will find the
B5 – Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and normal mental performance.
B6 – Reduces tiredness and fatigue and contributes to normal physiological performance.

B12 – Reduces tiredness and fatigue and contributes to normal neurological and psychological functions.
Niacin – Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
Magnesium – Contributes to normal muscle and nerve function.

When should I drink TRUE BCAA +Caffeine?

The TRUE BCAA +Caffeine products can be consumed anytime during the day. It is however, widely used as a refreshing pre-workout drink to help your workout to actually work out but can just as well be your TRUE-friend whenever you are low on energy and need something to stay sharp and get back in the game.

When should I drink TRUE BCAA?

The TRUE BCAA products can be consumed anytime during the day and is often used as a refreshing drink after a hard workout or as a substitute for soda, vitamin water or a protein drink whenever you are in the mood for a healthy choice that gives you amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Who is not recommended to drink TRUE BCAA?

If you are under the age of 15, pregnant, nursing or sensitive to caffeine we do not recommend you to drink TRUE BCAA+Caffeine drinks. It is not recommended to drink more than 2 cans of TRUE per day.



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